Dr. vee – Ramadan

Beware of cancer because of the red color in food

Wash your face this way for fresh skin!

The psychology of the fasting person and the feelings that we experience during the fasting period are topics discussed by Dr. Vera and her guest, Dr. Desiree Qazi.

What is the cause of poisoning that affects us when we eat fish and dairy products? How long do you keep stuffing in the refrigerator?

Michel Haddad lists the most popular Ramadan drinks, and Dr. Vera warns of their calorie content

What is the scientific reason for mixing molasses with tahini and instructions for maintaining muscle mass in the body

Do not change the pH level of the skin and be aware of everything that touches your skin!

Dr. Vera and her guest, Dr. Muhammad Fahess, with an awareness message: Beware of salmonella, E-coli, and the microwave.

What is an ice bath and what is the effect of correct breathing on the digestive system?

Dr. Desiree Qazi discusses the importance of setting lofty goals and how to deal with children to spend a healthy fasting period

Is it possible to hide facial scars with sesame oil? Dr. Tarek Mneimneh responds to a lot of advice from bloggers

Dr. Vee discusses food safety and how to properly prepare the Ramadan meal with Dr. Vera Matta and her guest, Dr. Muhammad Fahs.

Dr. Vera Matta and her guest, fitness coach Firas Mitri, discuss the best exercises for the holy month of Ramadan

Guests of Dr. Vera Matta and their discussions in the holy month of Ramadan