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Hala London TV

Our Story

Hala London is a television station that embraces all values in the Middle East and across globe. Hala London gained fans across the world as they are serving exciting and unique shows that promoted lifestyle, news, peace and love.

Hala London aims to free the viewer so they can feel that their world can be a good place to live no matter what is going on close to them.


Hala London delivers to its audience programs, entertainment, films and documentaries in their original version as created by the director and producers.

As well as Hala London’s originals content we also work with the best distributors in the world. We look for the most unusual, happy, informative shows that have not been seen in the Middle East or when they were originally shown they were edited from the original versions, Hala London will show you the full original master piece as intended.

Hala London TV channel will deliver news, views, entertainment and culture to the world, in both Arabic and English. Hala London TV will serve up the best of Arabic videos with fantastic presenters, great guests, entertaining features, whilst connecting all of those who watch.