Hashtag Siyese

Season 2

The secrets of the TikTokers gang scandal and the secrets of opening the sea to the displaced

“Go to the beach, there is no war.”

Hassan Aliq: You conspired against Lebanon’s security twice. Charles Jabbour: There is no point in talking to you.

The first Secretary-General of Hezbollah: Iran and Israel are under his orders

Sami Gemayel: Hezbollah is not like us, and Nasrallah said ugly things

Season 1

Political analyst Salem Zahran: These are the red lines. Brigadier General Khalil Al-Helu: It is not exaggeration, we are at war.

Dr. Imad Rizk: The stage of Mount Lebanon and the North has begun. Journalist Ziad Itani: Targets in and around Beirut

The heated debate between Fares Khashan, Makram Rabah, and Qassem Kassir: Resistance accepts Hochstein’s feet!

Ghassan Saud: The Patriarch’s words are like the Israeli army. Tony Boulos: Hezbollah is an Iranian agent

A fatal mistake sparks war. Lebanon is not the world’s policeman

Joseph Abu Fadel: I leave Lebanon with my children in this case. Iranian threat to Lebanon.

Richard Qayumjian, Munir Al-Rabie, Abdel-Jalil Al-Saeed, Dialogue of Gaza, Lebanon and Iran. And a violent stance from Hezbollah

Talal Abu-Ghazaleh breaks ceilings. No to the two-state solution, yes to the one-state solution. Welcome equality between the two peoples.

The first interview after the absence of former MP Boutros Harb: Hezbollah and Iran over Lebanon. Electing Aoun is the biggest crime

Former MP Walid Jumblatt: Where are the Arab masses? Where are the people of Gaza going? Hezbollah is no stranger to Lebanon.

General Hisham Jaber and journalist Johnny Mounayar: Hamas’ “vanguards” implemented Resolution 1701 or faced the risk of war.

Former Minister Ghazi Al-Aridi: I am against the intervention of the Palestinian factions. This is how I see Taymour Jumblatt

MP Fouad Makhzoumi: We are in a state of war and the government is failing to protect Lebanon. Deploy the army south!

Fares Saeed: The carriers came and the battlefield unit fell. Researcher Ali Hamiyeh: A war on Lebanon after the Gaza truce.

Will Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah declare war next Saturday? Writer Hassan Al-Durr and journalist Tony Boulos reveal the scale of the stage

The war decision, Nasrallah’s speech, and Randa Berri explode the episode between lawyer Bushra Al-Khalil and journalist Tony Abi Negm

Guest: General Ashraf Rifi, MP in the Lebanese Parliament

Guest: Dr. Talal Abu-Ghazaleh, Head of the Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Group

Guests: Elie Al-Ferzli, Former Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives – Rabih Al-Habr, General Director of “Statistics Lebanon” – via Zoom: General Khaled Hamada, Political Analyst

Guests: George Okais, MP in the Lebanese Parliament – Alia Mansour, Writer and Political Researcher – Dr. Sami Alawiya, Director General of the Litani River Authority – Muhammad Shams Al-Din, Researcher at Information International

Guest: Ali Sabri Hamada, Head of the Baalbek-Hermel Qarar Movement

Guest: Fouad Siniora, former Lebanese Prime Minister

Guest: Ibrahim Al-Saqr, Political Activist

Guest: Elie Khoury, Strategic Communication Expert – Ghassan Jawad, Journalist and Political Writer

Guests: Dr. Sami Nader, Director of the Levant Center for Strategic Affairs – Dr. Fahd Al-Shulaimi, President of the Gulf Forum for Peace and Security – Salem Al-Yami, Writer and Researcher in International Relations

Guest: Lawyer Joseph Abu Fadel, Writer and Political Analyst

Guests: Marwan Charbel, former Minister of the Interior – Qasim Kassir, Political Writer – MP George Okais, Member of the “Strong Republic” parliamentary bloc

Guests: Salem Zahran, Director of the Media Focus Center – Osama Saad, MP in the Lebanese Parliament – via Zoom: Ziad Hawat, MP in the Lebanese Parliament

Guests: Lawyer Wadih Akl – Osama Saad, a Member of the Lebanese Parliament – Ghassan Al-Ayyash, former Deputy Governor of the Central Bank – Journalist Simon Abu Fadel

Guests: Walid Nassar, Lebanese Minister of Tourism – Pierre Ashkar, President of the Federation of Tourist Syndicates in Lebanon – Mahasen Mursal, a Journalist specializing in Economic Affairs

Guest: Wiam Wahhab, Head of the Arab Tawheed Party

Guests: via Zoom: Suleiman Al-Aqili, Writer and Political Analyst – Dr. Khattar Abu Diab, Lecturer in International Political Relations at the University of Paris – Dr. Issa Al-Amiri, a Writer specializing in Gulf Affairs

Guest: MP Ali Hassan Khalil, political aide to President Nabih Berri

Guest: Former Minister Mohamed Choucair, President of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture in Beirut and Mount Lebanon

Guest: Paula Yacoubian, MP in the Lebanese Parliament

Guest: MP Michel Moawad, Founder and President of the Independence Movement

Guest: Samir Geagea, Leader of the Lebanese Forces party

Guest: Neemat Frem, Member of the Lebanese Parliament

Lebanese Currency Crisis

Guest: Samy Gemayel, President of the Kataeb Party and Member of the Lebanese Parliament